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Maldives attractions

Maldives travel information

The Republic of Maldives, as the islands are officially known as, is a rapidly growing nation that has a diverse population and is very tourist friendly. Tourism is the biggest source of income for the beautiful collection of islands that comprise the Maldives.


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The Republic of Maldives relies on fishing for much of its economy's stability, so you'll find a nice blend of resort islands, tourist attractions, and simple fishing communities to explore on your trip to these wondrous islands. You can Review Hotels in the Maldives as there are some excellent hotels and resorts to make your stay very enjoyable.

The Maldives is recognized by the United Nations, and has been independent since 1965. Before that, the republic of Maldives was a British protectorate for approximately 80 years. The people of Maldives are largely Islamic in their religious beliefs, and the biggest celebrations are usually either religious holidays or celebrations of important events in Maldivian history.



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